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how important were the actions of Roas Parks? Essay -- essays research

How Important were the actions of Rosa Parks to the civil rights movement? Explain your answer.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Rosa Parks was a black American who it has been said, started the black civil rights movement. Rosa Parks was fro Montgomery, and in Montgomery they had a local low that black people were only allowed to sit in a few seats on the public buses and if a white person wanted their set, they would have to give it up. On one bus journey Parks was asked to move for a white person, she refused and the police were call and she was arrested and convicted of breaking the bus laws.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The black people of Montgomery decided that the best way to show their anger at what had happened and how they were being treated would be by boycott, not use, the local bus service. One the first day of the boycott the buses were almost empty. The black community worked together and arranged another forms of transport such as car pool, or waling. Black taxi companies only charged back passengers the price of the bus fair and some white people who could do without their servants even when to pick them up form their homes. During the boycott the bus company lost 65% of their earnings. This showed people who powerful non-violent protest could be, by challenging black segregation laws without committing a crime. It also showed the black people how powerful they could be if they worked together.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When...

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Summary and critique of Stanley Milgram

The experiment on â€Å"Behavioral Study of Obedience† was conducted by Stanley Milgram in July 1961. It was barely three months after Adolf Eichmann had been tried over the criminal activities committed during the Nazi war. The research was designed to address the questions about the peoples who were the masterminds of the infamous Nazi torturing ordeal that were responsible for the deaths of millions of the innocent people. It was intended to find out the people who would prefer to be submissive to the authority at the expense of human life. The experiment also sought to measure the willingness of individuals to obey an authority figure who instructs them to do certain things that are against their personal conscience. The question that the researchers were asking was, â€Å"Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?† The hypothesis was that there was likelihood that that during the Nazi war it might have been that Adolf Eichmann and his accomplices were just being submissive to the orders from higher authority (against their will) to murder the innocent people. The research question was very instrumental in helping to unveil how one can alter another person’s behavior, beliefs and mind-set. Before giving the results of the experiment the researcher predicted that only a negligible number of the participants would obey the orders and persist on to administer maximum shock. The range was 0 – 3%. That meant that out of 100 participants only 3 would administer the 450 volt shock. Method The people who participate in the experiment (subjects) were drawn from different social status background within New Haven area. They comprised people from a wide range occupation with characteristic characters include clerical officers, teachers, salespersons, engineers and drudges. The group was a representative of all educational levels; from elementary school to doctorate and other professional degrees and aged between 20 – 50 years in their right state of mind (Milgram, S., 1963). The dependable variable in this experiment was the maximum shock that the subject, S, was willing to administer to the victim L up to that point when he resist to follow the instructions given to him by the experimenter. The independent variables were the learner (an experimental confederate) and the experimenter’s orders. There were two participants in each case. They were; a naà ¯ve subject who played the role of a â€Å"teacher† and was provided with a 450 volt electric shock generator and the second one a confederate who played the role of a â€Å"learner.† The task of the â€Å"teacher† was to read to the â€Å"learner† a list of word pairs. The â€Å"learner† on the other hand was to respond correctly to these pairs of words by pressing the button as an indicator of his response. In case of a wrong answer the â€Å"teacher† was to administer an electric shock to the â€Å"learner†. For each subsequent wrong answer, the â€Å"teacher† would increase the voltage. Even though the subject believed that the learner was receiving the actual shock, the learner, being in a separate room, sets up a tape recorder which had been incorporated to the electric shock generator. This tape played sounds which had been pre-recorded to march each shock level. The presupposed victim (â€Å"learner†) would start to bang the wall separating him from the subject at given numbers of voltage increase. He would continue banging on the wall and complaining of heart condition until all the responses from him ceased. The data collected was based on how much electric shock the subjects were willing to inflict on the victim. This was to indicate their level of obedience and to see their willingness to obey the orders; if it they were doing it deliberately or did it against their will. Results Eventually it was discovered that out of the 40 participants 14 subjects showed explicit signs of nervous laughter and smiling which were inapt and weird. Three of the subjects developed irrepressible convulsions. According to the results obtained, it is evident that while responding to the demands prompted by the appraisals, 40 themes exceed the projected break-off point. None of them administered the electric shock below 300 volts, a point when the victim starts to kick the wall and provided no answers to the teacher’s questions. 5 of them stops at the 300 volt level; 4 of them proceeds to 315 volt level; 2 breaks of at 330 volt level; 3 others drop off at 345, 360 and 375 volts respectively. These 14 subjects were defiant to the experimenter’s instructions. They were recurrently in a frantic and enraged condition. However 26 of the 40 subjects were obedient enough to proceed on to punish the victim till they attain the shock of 450 volts. But they do this against their will. They could be observed to be in consternation once the experiment was brought to a halt. Discussion The results obtained imply that there are people who, despite receiving orders from authority, would choose to defy and stick to what they believe is morally acceptable. In this case the 14 subjects held this belief and would not inflict pain on another person against his/her will. It was however observed that some people would choose to act against their conscience and submit to authority even if what they are ordered to do is against moral principles. This what the 26 subjects did; despite expressing some signs of displeasure in shocking an innocent person, they still go on to obey the commands to the end. This implies that obedience to authority can cause harmless and non-hostile individuals to turn inhuman. The results seems to be in contrast to those predicted in the questionnaire where only 3 out of 100 respondents said they would proceed to administer electric shock to their victim up to the most maximum and risky shock of 450 volts. In this case however, the figure was surprisingly high; 26 out of 40. It had also been expected that a subjected would basically terminate or proceed as dictated by his conscience. However the subjects exhibited tension and emotional strain in their response to the commands. Critique The experiment was well conducted and its objective was attained. The volunteers were got through a New Have (Connecticut) daily newspaper advert and direct mail to some informing them take part in the study of reminiscence as well as the learning designate conducted in a laboratory at Yale University. The real purpose of the experiment was hidden from the subjects until the experiment was over; they knew that the experiment was a study of memory and learning yet it was about study of obedience to authority. Another thing was that the entire volunteers were to play the role of the teacher while that of the student was played by an experimental confederate. In addition, the generator that the teacher used was just but of 45 volts sample shock with the generator not wired to shock the learner. Lastly, the kicking of the wall by the learner, screams and his rejection to proceed and the commands/orders of the experimenter to the teacher were all skillfully fabricated. These indicate the researchers’ thoroughness in the design of the experiment to answer their specific research question. Most importantly, at the end of the experiment subjects underwent some procedures to assist them go back to normal well being. The researchers did not however deal with any feasible alternative explanation for their results. This might be attributes to the fact that they expected the subjects to show some level of obedience. Also, the subjects might have been expected to act accordingly and participate fully to make the research successfully bearing in mind that the real objective of the experiment was hidden from them. It should be stated here that there are some people who will not, at any cost, accept to administer any level of electric shock to another person. The research was also not well represented in terms of gender or the researchers did not specify the sex of the participants. This raises the question about the criteria that was used in selecting the subjects. But all in all the experiment was quite essential as it the positive and the negative nature of human beings. Reference: Milgram. S. (1969); Study on behavioral obedience, Journal of Abnormal and social psychology; 371-378.

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The Case Of Enron And Arthur Andersen Co - 1829 Words

Studies say that most people s greatest fears are financial matters. What if you cannot afford to pay your debts? That is where bankruptcy comes in. Not one person desires to do it, but you can go before a judge and have your past debts forgiven. Nowadays, certain people file for bankruptcy, businesses, individuals, and it no longer has the disgrace it once had. Now it is almost considered a sensible way to recuperate and come back again. According to Business Dictionary bankruptcy is a legal procedure for liquidating a business or personal property owned by an individual that cannot entirely pay its debts out of its current assets (What Is Bankruptcy? Definition and Meaning). Two main objectives of bankruptcy are settling fair of all†¦show more content†¦The dismissed associate, David B. Duncan, announced a conference of accountants at the firm s Houston facility and directed an expedited attempt to stop records on Oct. 23, the day after Enron exposed that the Securities Ex change Commission had begun its analysis. The damage apparently did not end until Mr. Duncan s secretary posted an e-mail message to other administrators on Nov. 9 that said stop the shredding. Andersen had received a subpoena from the Security Exchange Commission the day before. Ever since the bankruptcy, many concluded before facts were available to form a reasonable judgment that Andersen was responsible for their actions resulting Enron going bankrupt. Facts show that Enron officers committed fraud within off-balance sheet partnerships with the active assistance of many prominent financial institutions (Morrison, Mary Ashby). Evidence indicates that Andersen personnel destroyed duplicate copies of old memos, magazines, and requests for charitable contributions before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued or discussed any subpoena to the firm. In difference, the Department of Justice gave misleading testimony, engaged in escapes, allegedly threatening observers and acknowledged in court that it had failed to review the most crucial evidence, the firms audit papers. Auditors areShow MoreRelatedManagement Planning Paper on Arthur Andersen1221 Words   |  5 PagesPlanning Paper on Arthur Andersen Management Planning Paper on Arthur Andersen In 1913, the company Arthur Andersen started by Arthur Andersen and Clarence Delany by the name of Andersen, Delany, Co. In 1918, it was given the name Arthur Andersen Co. The company supplied tax, consulting services and auditing for the large business, and itself had a position in the Big Five accounting firms. In 2002, this firm was found guilty for auditing an energy corporation, Enron and it surrenderedRead MoreManagement Planning- Arthur Anderson1299 Words   |  6 Pagesmanagement within Arthur Andersen. Specifically, the paper will discuss at least one legal, ethical, and social responsibility issue that impacts Arthur Andersen. Additionally, this paper will analyze the impact these factors have on Arthur Andersen’s management planning. Finally, this paper will analyze at least three factors that influence Arthur Andersen’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. The firm of Arthur Andersen LLP was founded in 1913 by Arthur Andersen and ClarenceRead MoreManagement Planning of Arthur Anderson Essay1284 Words   |  6 Pagesmanagement within Arthur Andersen. Specifically, the paper will discuss at least one legal, ethical, and social responsibility issue that impacts Arthur Andersen. Additionally, this paper will analyze the impact these factors have on Arthur Andersen’s management planning. Finally, this paper will analyze at least three factors that influence Arthur Andersen’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. The firm of Arthur Andersen LLP was founded in 1913 by Arthur Andersen and ClarenceRead MoreCorporate Culture Of Enron And Bankruptcy1327 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The case study is about Enron and about their biggest failure that lead the company towards bankruptcy. Enron got bankrupt to the extent that was no point of returning back and reversing its wrong doings. The only thing that the company had to think about was how to return the losses of its creditors. Enron Corp. was left with $12 billion in assets which was to be distributed among more than 20,000 creditors. Around 80% of creditors of Enron backed the long-awaited reorganization planRead MoreEnron Corporation and Andersen, Llp Analyzing the Fall of Two Giants1125 Words   |  5 PagesThe case of Enron Corporation and Andersen, LLP can be noted as one of the most infamous fraud scandals in US history. Investors lost millions of dollars and ruined the public’s trust. Enron was once the seventh largest public company in the United States and Andersen LLP was the world’s largest and most respected business organizations. Enron’s stock prices soared to approximatel y $100 to less than $10 in 2001. How did these two big giants fall into oblivion and what could have been done to avoidRead MoreThe Ethical Dilemma Of Enron Essay1404 Words   |  6 PagesEnron was formed in 1985 following the merger of Houston Natural Gas Co. and InterNorth Co. The Chairman Kenneth Lay, CEO Jeffrey Skilling, and CFO Andrew Fastow were the backbone of Enron during its growth period. These executives exercised their power and expertise to unethically â€Å"increase† Enron’s profits by hiding the company’s debt. The ethical dilemma that Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling faced was whether to let their stakeholders know how poorly the company was doing, or to hide the debtRead MoreContemporary Auditing Solotion 1.1 Enron3243 Words   |  13 PagesCASE 1.1 ENRON CORPORATION Synopsis Arthur Edward Andersen built his firm, Arthur Andersen Company, into one of the largest and most respected accounting firms in the world through his reputation for honesty and integrity. â€Å"Think straight, talk straight† was his motto and he insisted that his clients adopt that same attitude when preparing and issuing their periodic financial statementsRead MoreEnron Corporation : The Enron Scandal Essay1172 Words   |  5 PagesThe Enron Scandal The objective of an audit is to â€Å"obtain reasonable assurance† of the credibility of the financial statements of a company . However, in some cases auditors can fail to recognize – or intentionally ignore – misleading data within a company’s financial statements, leading to negative outcomes for lenders and investors. This report will discuss the Enron scandal in which the auditing firm Arthur Andersen LLP turned a blind eye to the fraudulent actions of Enron Corporation, leadingRead MoreEnron Was A Successful Multi Billion Dollar Company1555 Words   |  7 PagesEnron was a company that operated one of the largest natural gas transmissions networks in North America. At the top of its game, Enron was a successful multi-billion dollar company that marketed electricity and natural gas. Enron also provided financial and risk management services to consumers around the globe. Because of its success, Enron left many people astonished when it declared ban kruptcy in December 2001. Twenty thousand employees were left without jobs and most had lost their entireRead MoreAccounting System Failures and Enron2835 Words   |  11 PagesAccounting System Failures and Enron Introduction: The 1990s say the United States enjoying unprecedented economic growth This would be led largely by the enormous profitability experienced by swelling corporate entities and multinational conglomerates. And at the height of this period of economic dynamism, it did appear that these corporate entities were leading the charge toward a new national prosperity. Sadly, the decade immediately thereafter would prove much of this unbridled success to

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Policy Analysis Of The Affordable Care Law - 1445 Words

POLICY ANALYSIS OF THE AFFORDABLE CARE LAW Healthcare policy analysis has been a debate for citizens and government officials. The policy was initiated as a start to healthcare reform in the U.S. Initiated in 2010, by President Barack Obama the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was on its way to redeveloping the function of the healthcare field. The ACA puts people, families, and businesses in charge of their healthcare. All three branches (Legislative, Judicial, and Executive) had a part of the creation of the law and experienced a fair share of issues in the development. Outcries from the public and lobbyists a method of seeking a favored result has influenced the development of this law. In this paper, addressing all elements involved in†¦show more content†¦Congress had to vote and debate to get the law passed and on the floor for the judicial and executive branch. The judicial branch is to take the legislative bills and develop rules and regulations for the new bills passed. This branch also known as the Supreme Co urt can rewrite laws that Congress passed about ACA that were not completely thought through. Republicans and those that support them felt the Supreme Court upholding the bill for ACA creation was a huge mistake to allow for a massive expansion of government. The most anticipated Supreme Court ruling in years allows the government to continue implementing the health care law, which was passed in 2010 but doesn t take full effect until 2014 (Mears Cohen, 2012). The executive branch of the U.S. government handles enforcing laws; its power is vested in the President. With relation to the ACA the president was the agenda setter in the initiative of the healthcare reform, Obama was passionate about the reform happen now, and there was not the time to wait. Obama ensured coverage for all to allow the patients to have more control over their care and to stop insurance provider from denying and over charging for health. Issues the executive branch experience for involvement in ACA law is m any. Public Opinion and Lobbyist Role and Impact in Law Development Lobbyist or interest groups are

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Understanding The Epidemiology Of Infectious Diseases

Around 6 years of age, I was outside playing with other children when I noticed a group of people building something in an area. Everyone gathered around to observe them and saw water coming out of a pump. There were a few stories about drinking unsafe water or eating contaminated foods which led to gastrointestinal diseases, but very little effort was made to prevent this. While in my undergraduate years studying to become a physician, I noticed how doctors were trained in intervention medicine, but not many practiced preventive medicine. I decided that I wanted to enact positive impact by improving population health through researching and understanding the epidemiology of infectious diseases, seeking viable possibilities to eliminate health conditions and partnering with stakeholders to drive public policies and economic growth in developing countries. By the end of my sophomore year, I started pursuing a degree in public health. At Rutgers, I took two courses--public health preparedness and epidemiology--that captured my interest in public health. As I listened to experts speak intensively about effective communication with vulnerable population and ways to modify incidence, prevalence and mortality rates within the communities, I saw the possibilities of improving the quality of lives for many. My professors carried such genuine interest in educating us on various public health issues that by the end of the course, I was sure that I wanted to contribute in some howShow MoreRelatedEssay about assignment 11195 Words   |  5 PagesApplication of Epidemiology – A Case Study Analyze Good Health Hospital s records and itemize records and itemize recent nosocomial infections that occurred within the past year. In your report, categorize the different parameters (i.e., person, time, place, ethnicity, and gender) used in the compilation of data into the information summative. An outbreak of E-coli has occurred in Good Health Hospital, this has become a major problem since the outbreak occurred in WardRead MoreThe Hot Zone By Richard Preston Essay1498 Words   |  6 Pages My unwavering interest in infectious diseases began in middle school when I read the book, The Hot Zone, by Richard Preston that intricately describes the Ebola virus. While the description of how the virus destroys the human body are unpleasant, this virus fascinated me. Consequently, in my spare time I read about other infectious diseases, such as cholera and tuberculosis, on Wikipedia and other web pages for my personal enjoyment. Years later, I participated in Princeton Model Congress in highRead MoreInfectious And Deadly Diseases : An Indispensable Approach For Understanding Epidemics Of Infectious Diseases890 Words   |  4 PagesResearch paper Infectious and deadly diseases have been known to spread over social networks of people and animals. Network epidemiology has been proved as an indispensable approach for understanding epidemics of infectious diseases and is often used in medical epidemiology and network science. The most famous and practical example of network epidemiology is the GLEAMviz platform, which succeeded in forecasting the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, saving millions of lives. Behind network epidemiology, one can assumeRead MoreEpidemiology And The Center Of Disease Prevention And Control Essay1064 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to the Center of Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), by definition, epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health and health outcomes in populations. Several methods can be used to carry out epidemiological investigation includes surveillance and descriptive study and analytical studies are used to study determinants (CDC, 2012). Determinants can be categorize d as causes and risk factors that influence the pandemic of a disease. According to the World HealthRead MoreEpidemiological Studies : Risk Factors Essay1411 Words   |  6 Pagesutilize to identify risk factors of diseases in populations. Knowledge of these risk factors is used to conduct further investigation and to implement intervention preventions. Since there is a global rise in human infectious diseases outbreaks, it is important to understand the methods of epidemiology, in order to understand the dynamics of diseases. In the synthetic epidemic study, we performed an experiment to develop an intervention to prevent the spread of disease. The hypothesis mentioned, if 9Read MorePersonal Statement : Health And Wellness976 Words   |  4 Pages What if as a society we began to focus more on preventing chronic disease rather than treating them after onset? This is the question that has driven my interest in public health. I began my undergraduate career as a Viticulture and En ology major. I loved the idea of spending my days in a vineyard, nurturing grapes to maturity and then creating a final product that was entirely different from its humble beginning. It wasn’t until I was working in a lab at a winery that I realized winemaking wasRead MoreEpidemiology622 Words   |  3 PagesEpidemiology Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Descriptive epidemiology is based on two important premises which are central in the field. The first premise states that disease does not occur in isolation. Secondly, patterns of disease occurrence are placed under three important categories of person, place and time. This paper seeks to build understanding on the three areas by giving relevant examples where they are applied. Read MoreMy Interest On Public Health988 Words   |  4 PagesPhD in epidemiology, which will allow me to pursue my goal of further refining my skills in epidemiology with a career in academia as well as in the non-profit sector. During my career as a senior clinical research coordinator at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City, I had an opportunity to work with a diverse community of patients and it quickly became apparent to me the gap in health disparities was emphasized by race and financial status. My work exposed me to a broad spectrum of diseases fromRead MoreIn A Hospital Setting, Healthcare Personnel More Than Often992 Words   |  4 Pagesencounter patients with infectious diseases or opportunistic host to these. Here is when the study of epidemiology comes as a helpful tool. Epidemiology is the science of preventive medicine, and provides a framework or tool, called epidemiological triad, for understanding the interactions between the agent, host, and environment. Common diagnoses found in the acute care setting are, urinary tract infection, common cold, ear infections, coronary disease, and pulmonary disease. Nurses need to have knowledgeRead MoreWhat is Epidemiology?1686 Words   |  7 Pageshe lp the cycle amongs others, that will further prevent other diseases from occurring. Using epidemiology and the epidemiology triangle diabetes in African Americans will be observed. This health concern in many communities in the United States that can be prevented and helped, but information is the key to success. In this paper we will be examining the definition and description of epidemiology, the steps and methods of epidemiology, reviewing the data of the selected population. We will also be

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Growing Up Reflective Essay Example For Students

Growing Up: Reflective Essay I never understood adults. They drink water that burns your throat and set straws on fire and sip the air. When they get together they are always loud and they pay me less attention. Yes, I thought all adults were weird, until I met my Uncle Clinton. He liked to play the drums and he wore army pants and t-shirts with funny quotes or pictures. Uncle Clinton had a funny cartoon giggle when he laughed and love to eat all kinds of junk food. We always had fun together. We watched cartoons and played video games. He was almost as old as my mommy and I never thought that a grown up would ever understand us kids. One day my family decided to have a barbeque. At every family gathering the adults like to sit at a long rectangular, wooden table and play dominoes. My uncle liked to play too so he sat down with the adults as well. Then, it suddenly hit me; I knew how to play dominoes. Why couldn’t I play with the adults? This is my chance to prove that I am worthy of their loud laughs and conversation. I have the skills to act like an adult. â€Å" Let me play, I know how to play†, I bothered my mother while tugging on her shirt. â€Å" No sweetie this is for adults, go watch the smaller children†. â€Å"Uncle Clinton, you know that I know how to play please ask them if I could play†, I begged my uncle. â€Å"Hey everyone†, my uncle said confidently, â€Å"Theresa said she’s got more skills then all of us put together and if you don’t let her play you all are just scared to lose†. I felt much better. I wanted to run to my room and put on my moms red heels and princess make up, but then I would lose my chance and nothing was going to take this from me. I was having fun for a while but the adults held weird conversations. They talked about TV shows I didn’t watch, they spoke big words I haven’t learned, and other words I wouldn’t say. I played okay and my uncle was there to make sure I played good, but he knew what they were saying and I didn’t. I knew he didn’t have time to explain every line they blurted out. So I continued my playing until the game was over. I realized that no matter how hard I tried I would just have to wait until I was older. I may not act as wild as they do and drink better water then they do, but I probably won’t understand them until I am their age. Well, my birthday is in five weeks. I will be ten years old; you know the â€Å"two-digit number birthday†. I hope I will understand more on my birthday, but until then I think I will stick with my cartoons and video games.

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Palamon capital evaluation free essay sample

Private equity firm, Palamon Capital specializes in managing, funding, and developing small to mid-sized companies into public ownership. Palamon’s strategy is to buy a controlling stake in an up and coming company for 10 – 50 million EUROS grow the business, and implement an exit strategy. As the private equity market in Europe becomes more cut- throat and competitive, Palamon Capital, a private equity company Based in the UK is looking to diversify and expand its assets from focusing solely on the UK markets to focusing on the European markets as a whole. As a part of this expansion and diversification plan, Palamon Capital expects to purchase a controlling stake in an Italian software company, TeamSystem S. p. A.. After analyzing TeamSystem S. p. A. ’s financial statements and cash flows, going fourth with the controlling investment is a great opportunity for Palamon Capital as a company in order to expand westward into Europe. We will write a custom essay sample on Palamon capital evaluation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Not only is it a great growth opportunity, but Palamon Capital is getting great value for their money. After following all the investment procedures, Palamon Capital should proceed with the investment and pay 25. 9 million EUROS for their 51% controlling stake in TeamSystem S. p. A.. After finalizing the transaction, the current market value for TeamSystem S. p. A. will be 65. 84 million Euros, with Palamon Capitals controlling stake worth 33. 58 million Euros (shown in exhibit 1). After analyzing the financial data, and using a discounted cash flow valuation (Shown in Exhibit 2 of the Appendix) purchasing a 51% controlling stake in TeamSystem S. p. A. for 25. 9 million EUROS is a great opportunity for quick growth in this competitive market. TeamSystem S. p. A. is a very attractive investment because Palamon Capital is getting great value for their money. Palamon Capital is buying 51% of team systems for only 25. 9 million euros when that same 51% is actually worth 33. 58 million euros (shown in exhibit 3). Acquiring a controlling stake in TeamSystem S. p. A. now will allow Palamon Capital to take advantage of the discounted price that TeamSystem S. p. A is proposing. Acquiring TeamSystem S. p. A. will allow Palamon Capital to expand and diversify their assets into the western part of Europe while promising adequate returns in the near future. Palamon Capital has a very extensive process when exploring new investment opportunities, and after following the investment process step-by-step, TeamSystem S. p. A. meets all the criteria, qualifying them for a Palamon Capital investment. In order for Palamon Capital to buy a controlling stake in TeamSystem S. p. A. , Palamon Capital must accept the proposed sale of 51% for 25. 9 million EUROS. After discounting the future cash flows, finding the enterprise value, and eventually finding the value of equity as shown in exhibit 3, we can see Palamon Capital is buying TeamSystem S. p. A. at an attractive discounted rate. In any acquisition there is some uncertainty or risk, and in this takeover it is no different. Elson is worried the current management team relies on current CEO, Ranocchi too much, and has concerns about the ability of the supporting cast to deliver in a period of continued growth. Another risk is the inspections from the Italian Government. This could cause distractions and slow our growth in the near future. Last but not least Elson has concerns the company may not be able to keep up with the technological advancements which will also cause a slow in growth. In order to compensate for this risk or uncertainty, we performed a sensitivity test just in case the long term growth rates as well as the short term growth rates are incorrect and are less than expected (See Exhibit 4 for Calculations). As we can see Palamon Capital is still getting a great value for their money. This sensitivity test shows even if these rates are incorrect, it is not detrimental to Palamon Capital unless TeamSystem’s long term growth is under 4% while their short term growth in under 10%. Another way to access risk is by a comparable analysis. After completing a comparable analysis of the tier 1 large ERP players as shown in exhibit 5, you can see TeamSystem’s has a higher Equity Value to Sales ratio than one of the world’s largest ERP players, JD Edwards. This means for the size of TeamSystem and JD Edwards respectively, TeamSystem’s S. p. A has more sales. After receiving this information from the sensitivity test and the comparable analysis, our firm does not see much risk associated with this investment, and would advise to close the deal as soon as possible. Given the Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, the sensitivity test, the comparable analysis, and any other areas of uncertainty, our firm would advise Palamon Capital to follow through with the opportunity to obtain a 51% controlling stake in TeamSystem S. p. A. for 25. 9 million Euros. As shown through our calculations, Palamon Capital is making a smart and safe investment that will allow their company to diversify from the UK to the rest of Europe while sticking with their investment plan and achieving quick rapid growth.